About Us

NuPON Technology Sdn. Bhd, established in 1999 as CLEANROOM ESD SPECIALIST & ONE STOP INDUSTRIAL SOLUTION provider of services and products for supporting Semiconductor, Electronics Assembly , Data Storage , Pharmaceutical , Medical & Aerospace industries. In 2004 we are accredited the highest recognized certification of ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 by world renowned certification body SGS and we also member of MATRADE. In 2007, NuPON is awarded Top 50th Enterprise Award by PUMM.

Cleanroom Garment

- Cleanroom Garment standard design
- We also cater for custom design
  • Jumpsuit 
  • Smock
  • Head Covers
  • Face Mask 
  • Footwear

Cleanroom Gloves

NuPON Gloves are made from 100% natural latex under a clean room facility suitable for general and clean room application. Our gloves feature powder-free, anti static, low extract able ions, improved textured finger tip, ambidextrous to meet customer’s need. Our gloves range from Class 10K to Class 10.
-Latex Gloves
-Nitrile Gloves
-Vinyl gloves

Wrist strap

NuSTAT wrist strap prevent build up of excessive static charges generated by ungrounded personnel to ensure maximum protection to sensitive components. Our standard ground coiled cord comprises of 10ft and 15 ft with 1 mega ohm safety resistor, banana jack and an alligator clip.

Finger Cots

Made from best quality latex, our finger cots are processed under clean room environments. Antistatic finger cots (colour: beige & pink) is specially blended free from contamination for handling of sensitive devices in the electronics industries. The antistatic properties throughout the finger cot is consistent with constant discharge. 

Heel Strap

Heel straps provide an electrical pathway between mobile personnel and conductive mats and flooring. They are manufactured from a conductive elastomeric material with anti-slip and permanent electrical properties. An optional current limiting 1 Meg ohm resistor for added protection is available.

Cleanroom Stationary

Cleanroom Pen 
The ink is specially designed for writing and recording only in clean room.
Cleanroom Paper 
Dust free paper for working in critical environments. Outstanding writing ability with both aqueous and oil-based ink.
Cleanroom Document Holder
Designed for use in static sensitive environments. It holds documents in ring binders. 

Cleanroom Tweezer

Tweezers are specially developed for use in the test laboratory, hospital, micro-electronic, electronic computer, food industry, chemical and plating industry, clean room environment, engineering line and jewelers industries. We carry stainless steel tweezers and plastic tweezers. 

Surface Resistance Meter Kit

Some type of ESD Surface resistance meter has 2 parallel bar electrodes attached to the back of the meter, which allows user to make measurement on surface resistivity of material.

ESD Chairs / Stools

Designed to eliminate static charges to ground. Our chairs / stools meet requirements of ESD and ergonomic standards. Our chairs are suitable for clean room class 1 k and class 100.

ESD Rubber band

NuPON offer 2 types of ESD rubber band –antistatic (pink) and conductive (black) to handle stalk control wrapping problem in the electronic industries.

Sticky Roller

It is tacky tape type which traps fine dust and dirt which is suitable to be used in the clean room for precision instruments, semiconductor industries and electronics appliances. Made of plastics and metallic components, the roller cylinder and handler emits no particles.Tape is perforated making each sheet to be torn off easily. It will not generate lint even when a sheet being torn off.